2019 Courses revealed

26th Jan 2019

The 2019 Marmot Dark Mountains™ courses are displayed below. All the courses start and finish at Lowther Castle.

There is one marshalled checkpoint on the course, which competitors on the linear courses will visit (score courses - optional). This location also provides communication back to the Event Centre and a place of refuge for all competitors in an emergency. 

Follow who's taking part and track their progress via the Live GPS Tracking from 19:00 Saturday 26th January.

Live replays will be available at the same link post-event.

For official results check out the 2019 results page


Long score 12 hours / Medium score 10 hours / Short score 8 hours 



A Course

46km (2,400m)


B Course

41km (2,000m)


C Course

33km (1,400m)


Elite Course

53km (2,800m)