2017 Maps

17th Jan 2017

We are releasing the following extract of the 'Map Legend' from the 2017 Marmot Dark Mountains™ map, so that participants can familiarise themselves with the over-printed information. 


Please remember we (and your family, friends and potentially the landowner) will Be watching your every move with our GPS Tracking.


Most importantly please note the following:

Important Access Information
Within the lower field systems participants MUST use Public Rights of Way and their associated gates, stiles and over-printed crossing points. Within the Open Access Land (typically land above the uppermost walls/fences) participants have open access (though they must observe the Out of Bounds over-printing). For this Open land, any mapped Public Rights of Way are there for mapping completeness only. They are less likely to have signs on the ground, though they do generally align to gates and stiles at boundaries.

Uncrossable Boundary
Usually a maintained stone wall, and occasionally a fence. In all instances, crossing an Uncrossable Boundary at any location other than at a Mandatory Crossing Point will lead to a significant penalty, up to and including, complete disqualification from the event. 

Mandatory Crossing Point
These locations are stiles, gates etc along an Uncrossable Boundary. They are mapped accurately, and if you can’t find one, you are almost certainly in the wrong location! Participants may only cross an Uncrossable Boundary at a Mandatory Crossing Point. 

Advisory Crossing Point
These locations are stiles, gates etc along a crossable boundary. They occur within fence that is low and can be crossed if straddled carefully. Might help with navigation to locate the mapped crossing point. For this event, this crossing type is rare however.


Out of Bounds
These areas are clearly marked on the maps and include almost all lower level land within the event area. Other than the Access Routes, which are clearly marked through the Out of Bounds areas, any participants observed in an Out of Bounds area will receive a significant penalty, up to and including, complete disqualification from the event. 

Event Maps
The event maps use Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 data. This is printed at 1:30,000 scale (i.e. a slightly smaller scale than a normal 1:25,000 map). The maps are clear and legible and printed using the special high contrast print technique, which has been specially developed with Harvey Maps for navigating in the darkness at Marmot Dark Mountains™. However, if you have poor eyesight, a magnification device might be useful; most compasses have a magnifying area for this purpose. The maps are waterproof and tough being printed on the ‘Polyart Special’ material, that we have again developed with Harvey Maps to withstand truly poor weather. 

A compass with a 1:30,000 roamer would be ideal but is rare (some compasses have interchangeable roamers). Alternatively we sell clear plastic roamers with a 1:30,000 scale. If you would like to purchase one please just ask at registration.