2016 Course Maps Revealed

30th Jan 2016

The maps for the 2016 Marmot Dark Mountains™ courses are displayed below. All the courses start and finish at Mungrisdale Village Hall.

Thanks to Harvey for producing these bespoke high-quality event maps printed on the new 'polyart special' print which is absolutely bomb-proof in the harshest conditions.

There are two marshalled checkpoints at Skiddaw House and Lingy Hut, which competitors’ on the linear courses will visit (score courses - optional). These two locations also provide communication back to the Event Centre and a place of refuge for all competitors in an emergency. 

Follow who's taking part and track their progress via the LIVE GPS TRACKING from 21:00 Saturday 30th January.

Live replays will be available at the same link post-event.



Planners optimum route: 52km / 3,200m


Planners optimum route: 42km / 2,500m


Planners optimum route: 38km / 2,100m


Planners optimum route: 35km / 1,900m


Long score: 10 hours / Short score: 8 hours