Marmot Dark Mountains™ 2016 - Pre Event Briefing

29th Jan 2016

The video briefing below provided by Race Director, Shane Ohly, is based on the experience of the 8-person team placing checkpoints today in the Northern Fells. The key points are:

  1. The wind has been very powerful today but the forecast is for it to reduce in intensity through Saturday evening / Sunday morning.
  2. The weather generally should be improving but that is relative! Please come prepared for severe weather on the tops.
  3. The rivers in the event area are crossable with CARE. Please make sensible decisions based on your experience and skill. Watch the video below for more information. The water level is expected to fall so the risk may reduce over the weekend.
  4. Some of the summit cairn checkpoints have been placed on the opposite side to that described in the Control Descriptions printed on the map. This is because the wind was so strong today that even well anchored kites may have been blown away or destroyed by the wind. All these checkpoints will still be obvious... as long as you are at the correct summit cairn!
  5. Some of the intended parking on the grass verge is 'damp'. Please follow the event teams' instructions and park with care and avoid damaging the verge.
  6. Finally, safe travels everyone and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night in Mungrisdale for the 4th edition of Marmot Dark Mountain™.

HERE is a link to the latest MWIS weather forecast.


Pre-event Briefing 2016

Now the control team have reported back their findings from the hill today, race director Shane Ohly gives a final video briefing on river crossings, weather, parking, and more...

Posted by Marmot Dark Mountains on Friday, 29 January 2016

Above: Watch the final video pre-event briefing from Race Director, Shane Ohly, before Marmot Dark Mountains™ 2016



Above: The ford HERE will need to be crossed by most competitors. At lunchtime today (Friday 29th) the depth was thigh deep. Please watch the video above for advice on river crossings. Photo © Dave Cumins