Live GPS Tracking

27th Jan 2016


Update: Live tracking start from 2100

On the night of this Saturday 30th into the morning of Sunday 31st January we're going to be keeping an eager eye on how our competitors are faring on the Northern Fells of the Lake District. But it's not just us that has the privilege of being able to do this...

Don't forget to tell your friends and family to keep their eyes peeled from Saturday 21:00 onwards.

Live GPS Tracking - Click Here

Become engrossed with mountain navigation tactics and practise some 'dot watching' (live GPS tracking) this weekend (January 30th-31st). Marmot Dark Mountains™ will be the first to utilise a new GPS tracking interface using our bespoke Harvey race mapping underlay for each course. See who's entered which course on the SI Entries Entry List.

No friends/family/idols to follow? Easy, just root for the underdogs, or be a glory supporter!