Event T-Shirt Design, Food Orders + Lift Sharing & Car Parking

6th Jan 2016

With just over 3 weeks to go until the 2016 Marmot Dark Mountains™, we've got a few updates and reminders to share with you.


Event T-shirt - Tech Tee Design Unveiled

We're delighted to announce the design of the bespoke Marmot Dark Mountains™ event T-shirt. These fantastic tees are only available to purchase in advance by the entry owner via your SI Entries login and must be ordered by Sunday 17th January. Don't miss out, order yours now!




Saturday Night Evening Meal

Don't fancy catering for yourself after the long journey to Mungrisdale? No problem, we can provide a Wilf's Vege Chilli with Cheese & Pitta bread AND a choice of cake with custard for just £6.

Fancy taking us up on the offer? Simply order in advance via the entry owner's SI Entries login by Sunday 24th January


Lift Sharing

If you are travelling to this race, there is a very good chance (over 96.5%) that another runner who lives nearby is also entered. Why not car share and save on petrol costs? Simply tap in your postcode on the Racelifts.org site.

It only takes a minute to see how many runners are in your area, and then register. Choose whether you might be able to offer a lift, and/or if you're looking to get a lift. You're under no obligation, and you can opt-out if you change your mind.

Register now!

Lift Sharing for Marmot Dark Mountains

The above chart shows that 96.5% of participants entered could potentially car share to and from Marmot Dark Mountains™.

With no car sharing, participants will spend an estimated total of £7,900 on fuel, emitting 17,800 kg of CO2! 


Car Parking & Event Centre Location

We've updated the website with a useful map to show you where the event centre and car parking will be HERE. Parking will be along the roadside verge and managed by the event team. A polite reminder not to arrive before 5pm and to park up tightly as the event is set to sell out.

That's all for now, we'll be back in touch with some finer details including confirmation of your start time, kit list check, and general event timings in a couple of weeks time.

Happy running,

The Marmot Dark Mountains™ Team,