Marmot Dark Mountains™ 2016 - Event Information

27th Aug 2015

How very exciting! The UK’s (the World’s?) only overnight, winter mountain marathon returns on the 30th/31st January 2016. 

We have another superb mountain running location for the competitors, but we have made some changes to the event details. Please take your time to read the following. 

Elite Course competitors Tony Harris and Jon Glanfield weigh up their options before heading into the night. © Ian Corless


2016 Location
We are releasing general information about the location of Marmot Dark Mountains 2016 earlier than in previous years to help with everyone’s travel arrangements. The 2016 event will be in the Lake District National Park and final details of the event location will be announced on Monday 7th December 2015. Manchester is the best airport for our international competitors to use.

2016 Entry Process
Entries are no longer vetted at the point of entry but we reserve the right to move competitors onto an easier course when we release the start times based on the experience listed on the entry form.

Pre-Requisite Experience
Participants must provide details of the completion of a mountain marathon (event name, date, course, result) and/or mountain race and/or significant other mountain running/walking experience. The more information the better.  This information is required for both team members. As a guide we will only guarantee entries onto your choice of course (e.g. Elite) if one of the pair has successfully completed the same standard course (e.g. Elite) in a normal 2 day mountain marathon, whilst ALSO finishing in less than 50% of the winners time. We reserve the right to move competitors onto an easier course when we release the start times if they do not meet our criteria. 

Minimum Age
We will accept entries from 16-17 year olds on the C and Short Score Course. HOWEVER, A parent must accompany them to registration and sign the Parental Consent Form AND evidence of significant mountain running experience must be included on the entry form. The minimum age is the age of the competitor on the day of the event.

Competitor Declaration
Each competitor must agree to the following Declaration when completing an entry form:

I am an experienced mountain runner/walker, capable of completing Marmot Dark Mountains™ and declare that:

  • I have experience of running and/or walking in a similar mountain environment to where Marmot Dark Mountains™ is typically held;
  • I have sufficient off road running, mountain and ultra experience to understand the Nature of the Challenge; 
  • I will apply sound mountain judgement at all times even if it means compromising my overall race result;
  • I accept full responsibility for my own safety and any injury sustained during the event. These are not the responsibility of the event organiser, their agents or the landowners;
  • I know my limitations and I am experienced enough to make a reasoned decision whether or not to start the event and/or to retire from the event rather than jeopardise my own or other people’s safety;

GPS Tracking
For the 2016 Marmot Dark Mountains™ event we will be introducing live GPS tracking. We are doing this to add significantly to the event safety and to engage with the friends and family of competitors. It will be exciting viewing! Each pair will be required to carry a GPS tracker.

Price Changes
The cost of entering Marmot Dark Mountains™ has increased slightly and is now between £55-£65 per person depending on when you enter. We believe that this is great value for money and included in your entry is the following:

  • Participation in the World’s only overnight, winter Mountain Marathon
  • A well planned and professionally organised race by Ourea Events
  • SPORTident race timing for course split times and official results (including loan of dibbers to each team member)
  • Open Tracking live GPS tracking of competitors
  • Bespoke, accurate and waterproof pre-marked maps for each team member
  • A choice of six different courses (Elite, A, B, C, Short Score and Long Score)
  • Emergency medical cover during the race
  • Mountain safety team cover during the race (including remote refuge points)
  • A hearty breakfast including tea and coffee at the finish
  • Somewhere to sleep at the Event Centre before travelling home
  • Marmot Dark Mountains™ Trophy for 1st Team, 1st Female Team, 1st Vet Team and 1st Mixed Team on each course

Prize Changes
To help offset the increased cost of providing the GPS tracking we will no longer be offering a £500 cash prize for the winning elite team (we still provide a unique 'dark mountains' perpetual trophy for the winning elite team). After much consideration we think this is a more equitable way of organising the event and the benefits of the GPS tracking for all competitors, on all the courses, is significant. We will continue to award awesome Marmot Dark Mountains™ Trophies for the 1st Team, 1st Female Team, 1st Vet Team and 1st Mixed Team on each course.

Food and Hot Drinks
We are now offering a Saturday evening meal for the competitors. Our Event Centre is fairly remote and therefore we hope that this option will encourage competitors to arrive early, soak up the atmosphere and avoid the hassle of searching for somewhere to eat. In another slight change to previous years we will no longer be offering free tea and coffee at the Event Centre. We will however, provide hot water and we will provide free tea and coffee to finishers on Sunday morning with their finishers' breakfast.

Updated Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions have been updated and most importantly we will no longer be offering a refund for cancelled entries. However, we will allow competitors to transfer and defer entries. Please have a careful read before entering. 

2015 Films
To help get you in the mood for winter running all the 2015 films are now available in one handy location HERE

2016 Entry
So, what are you waiting for!? Entries are open now and in 2015 the C Course, B Course, Short Score and Long Score all sold out. Please enter earlier to avoid missing out and to get the best price. Enter HERE