Marmot Dark Mountains™ 2015 – Brief Event Summary

25th Jan 2015

The 3rd Marmot Dark Mountains™ took place this weekend we want to provide a brief initial and summary of the event and results before following up with a more detailed Race Directors Report later in the coming week.

Race Director Shane Ohly said, “What another superb event. As a race organiser you know when things are running smoothly when you can casually take time to chat with friends whilst surrounded by smoothly running operation. 

I particularly wanted to thank Charlie Sproson from Mountain Run for all his hard work on landowner permissions and course planning. Supporting Charlie and I this weekend were a simply superb team of volunteer marshals. They make it all happen and they are a committed, knowledgeable and motivated team that a credit to the wider mountain running community. 

With so few participants an event of the complexity and detailed planning of Marmot Dark Mountains™ would not be possibly without the generous support of Marmot and Petzl. Many thanks from us all for putting something back into the outdoors. 

The competitors are awesome too. It’s a rare individual who has the experience and nerve to take on the challenge of an overnight winter mountain marathon and everyone who takes part in the event genuinely impresses me.

This year there are an extremely impressive performance from Kim Collison and Adam Perry to win the Elite course in just eight and half hours. Wow!"

Above: 2015 Elite race winners stormed round the 53km / 3000m course in just 8h 30mins. Here Kim Collison and Adam Perry describe their route.


Provisional results of the leading teams are below (detailed provisional results will be HERE):

1st Team: Kim Collison & Adam Perry 08:14:24
2nd Team: Alex Pilkington & Tim Higginbottom 09:17:43
3rd Team: Steve Birkinshaw & Jim Mann 09:48:18

1st Team and 1st Mixed Team: Catherine Litherland & Ross Litherland 09:49:54
2nd Team: Andy Thompson & Rob Brown 10:10:35
3rd Team: Chris Baynham-Hughes & Max Wainwright 10:51:05
1st Female Team and 4th Overall: Steph Jones & Sally Ozanne 11:26:51

1st Team and 1st Veteran Team: Bryan Stadden & Andy Creber 09:15:33
2nd Team and 2nd Veteran Team:  Tim Martland & Jim Allen 09:51.35
3rd Team Jamie Rennie & David Rennie 10:02:02

1st Team: Greg Weatherhead & Kevin Drew 07:55:21
2nd Team: James Parratt & Neil Garrido 09:21:14
3rd Team and 1st Mixed Team: Emma Van Der Gucht & James Pawson 09:34:30

Long Score
1st David Adcock & Ben Turner 404 in 10:00:33
2nd and 1st Mixed Team: Digby Harris & Kirsty Hewitson 295 in 09:55:28
3rd Team and 1st Female Team: Jo Gillyon & Catherine Evans
4th Team and 1st Veteran Team: Simon Caldwell & Carmen Elphick

Short Score
1st Team, 1st Mixed Team and 1st Veteram Team: Jonathan Aylward & Kate Boobyer 235 in 07:38:37
2nd Team and 2nd Mixed Team: Scott Collier & Anne Edwards 235 in 07:42:15
3rd Team: Darryl Watton & Andy Bell

The results remain provisional until one control location has been verified to be correct on the Elite and Score Courses. The organisers hope to have done this by Monday 26th January.

Below is a taster of Ian Corless’ superb photography from the event. Gallery to follow later in the week.

As ever, any comments, feedback or observations from competitors (good or bad) is very welcome.


Above: The Marmot Dark Mountains™ volunteers and team with representative from Marmot and Petzl. © Ian Corless

Above: The adventure begins here... © Ian Corless
Above: Extremely challenging night mountain running and navigation... in winter! © Ian Corless
Above: Elite Winners Adam Perry (left) and Kim Collison (right). © Ian Corless