2015 Course Maps

24th Jan 2015

The maps for the 2015 Marmot Dark Mountains™ courses are displayed below.

All the courses start and finish on the eastern fringe of Tebay. The competitors will face complex route decisions from the start with the elite competitors being given the start line dilemma of a monster 14km leg to their first control.

If weather conditions are kind then direct routes tackling the steeply rounded hills of the Howgills will almost certainly prove the winning strategy. However, if conditions are poor, it is possible to take much more sheltered, albeit slightly longer routes, to many checkpoints using the valleys.

There are two marshalled checkpoints, which competitors’ on the linear courses will visit at least one of them. These two locations also provide communication back to the Event Centre and a place of refuge for all competitors in an emergency. 

Elite Course

Planners optimum route: 53.1km / 2,966m

A Course

Planners optimum route: 42.3km / 2,415m



B Course

Planners optimum route: 35.8km / 2,311m

C Course

Planners optimum route: 33.9km / 1,770m



Short and Long Score Courses

Long Score = 10 hours. Short Score = 8 hours.