2014 Competitor Feedback & Blogs

4th Feb 2014

It is always very encouraging when we receive an avalanche of positive comments and thanks after an event and Marmot Dark Mountains 2014 was no exception. Below is a small selection of competitor quotes and links to various blogs.


Above: Tim Laney & Martin Indge (4th Elite Course) © Ian Corless

Shane - what can I say? You and your team put on a great event. Well organised and very challenging. You can count on me coming back for more next year*. Thank you again for all your hard work!
*unless I do The Spine!?!

Tim Laney - Elite Course

I just wanted to say what a brilliantly organised event I thought it was. All the marshals were ace and you were the ultimate host! Super impressed!
Martin Lucas – A Course

Above: Naomi Hopes & Emily Ravenhill (16th Short Score Course) © Ian Corless

Thank you for a magnificent event.  Please also pass on my huge thanks to the marshals - how the finish tent marshals remained so cheery is beyond me! The event centre was brilliant: it was great to have hot showers and lots of space to sleep. I thought the course was awesome.  I'm coming back in daylight to do the elite course - over two days I hasten to add!  I kind of feel that Naomi and I do punch above our weight a bit entering such events but we are always greated with such warmth.  The friendliness of everyone is lovely and so much part of the whole experience.  I still can't believe that I get to hang out with such inspirational athletes - I tried not to stare at Steve Birkenshaw while he ate his breakfast!
Emily Ravenhill - Short Score Class

I thanked you and your team yesterday for your efforts - but thought I would do it again. I really enjoyed the event - the course (SS), the choices, the terrain, the pre/post race care and even the weather. Thank you once again.
Andy Bell - Short Score

Above: Claire Ellis & Barry Cuthbert (8th Long Score Course) © Ian Corless

Great event guys, well organized and pleased the weather was a damn sight better than last year! Hope to make this a regular in my calendar. Cheers again for a great time, nothing else I'd rather be doing on a Saturday night!
Claire Ellis - Long Score Course


Above: Lucy Harris & Bruce Duncan (2nd overall and 1st Mixed Team Elite Course) © Ian Corless


Lucy's blog here: http://lucyharrisaccelerate.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/2nd-at-dark-mountains.html

Above: Stuart Walker & Jim Mann (Elite Course) © Ian Corless


Stuart's Blog here: http://challengestu.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/marmot-dark-mountains-take-2.html

Above: Simon Caldwell & Carmen Elphick (12th Long Score Course) © Ian Corless


Simon's blog here: http://yorkalpineclub.org.uk/blogs/?p=4238

Above: Dave Troman & Simon Patton (3rd Elite Course) © Ian Corless


Dave's blog here: http://fromrecoverytobeyond.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/dark-mountains-mountain-marathon.html