News Feed 2014

25th Jan 2014

Live tracking of Steve Birkinshaw & Tom Gibbs Bruce Duncan & Lucy Harris:

Sunday 26th Jan 03:29

Dan Shrimpton and Darryl Watton + Andrew Sausum and Peter Gronbech both retired from the B course after having difficulty locating control 2 (SR) in very poor visibility.

Sunday 26th Jan - 03:17

Reports back from the Support Point on A57 are that Steve Birkinshaw and Tom Gibbs were the first elite team through at 01:35 and they enjoyed a short break in the comfort on the huge Marmot Lair tent for a few minutes before heading back out. At 01:44 Bruce Duncan and Lucy Harris, now second placed on the Elite course arrived. Bruce was apparently frustrated at the thick fog that is now making the navigation extremely difficult on the tops.

The weather is now very foggy and the temperature is about 1 degree on the tops. With the wind chill it'll be feeling very cold.

Also through the support point:

Louis Goffe and Bertie Goffe at 12:20 on the C Course

Sunday 26th Jan - 03:15

First team to retire are Chris Smith and Nigel Prue on the C-Course. They are safe and well. Filled with coffe they have elected to head straight home as they live close by.

Sunday 26th Jan - 02:58

Latest video reports from reporting duo Steph and Fay!

Above: Richard Gale from Swaledale Outdoors prepares for the off at the Event Centre.
Above: Leading Elite team Steve Birkinshaw & Tom Gibbs arrived at the Support Point
Above: Dwane Dixon & James Williams racing round the C-Course and arrive first at the support point.
Above:  Bruce Duncan & Lucy Harris make a brief appearance out of the night fog at our support point.


Sunday 26th Jan - 01:36

The tracking from Open Tracking is fantastic and we can see that Steve Birkinshaw & Tom Gibbs have had a storming start and have already overturned a 1hour 3 minute lead that Bruce Duncan and Lucy Harris had on them thanks to their earlier start time. Both teams will be reaching our support point very shortly and the welcome sight of a huge Marmot tent! At this rate Steve and Tom are on target to finish at 0500, which is within 9 minutes of our fastest possible predicted time we had for the winning elite team. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain this very impressive pace through the badlands of Bleaklow, which is where they head next with some extremely technical navigation to come.

For the record we had 158 teams enter and 148 teams start this evening. Given the weather forecast and the usual drop out rate we are very pleased that 148 made it to Glossop.

Outside the Event Centre currently the weather is clear but with a gusting wind that has real chill to it. Certainly it will be much colder on the fell tops where we have had reports of blustery showers of rain but also the occasional star. Lets hope the poor weather forecast for later this morning holds off for as long as possible.

Saturday 25th Jan - 23:49

Last update for Saturday... Can you name the two cheery competitors in this photo? Certianly they are prepared for night of ninja action in the Peak District! Answer on Facebook please! We'll give a Marmot Beanie to the first correct answer.


Saturday 25th Jan 23:26

Some fantastic photos from Ian Corless of the action at the start of the race this evening.


Saturday 25th Jan -  23:07

And suddenly the hall was empty! All the competitors have now started and the weather seems (from the Glossop start anyway) realativley ok. There is poor weather forecast from early Sunday morning and we are hoping that iy arrives later than expected so that everyone gets off the hill first.


Saturday 25th Jan 21:25

Latest two videos:

Above: Top elite runners Steve Birkinshaw and Tom Gibbs start the 2014 Marmot Dark Mountains event.
Above: Roving reporters Steph and Fay from Marmot grab some interviews from the competitors at the start of the 2014 Marmot Dark Mountains.


Saturday 25th Jan - 21:22

Photos from the start - thanks to roving reporters Steph and Fay from Marmot:



Saturday 25th Jan - 20:05

Many thanks for James Thurlow from Open Tracking who has (unexpectedly) provided Steve Birkinshaw & Tom Gibbs Bruceh Duncan & Lucy Harris with trackers so we can follow their progress around the course tonight. Bruce and Lucy started at 19:21 and Steve and Tom start at 20:24. The link is:

Saturday 25th Jan - 19:56

Some excellent portraits of some of our competitors from Ian Corless.

Above: Sharon McDonald and Joe Faulkner. Elite Course
Above: Paul Dickens. Elite course with Russ Ladkin
Above: Steve Birkinshaw. Elite course with Tom Gibbs


Saturday 25th Jan - 19:24

First  video of the night courtsey of team Marmot - Steph and Fay. Sorry for the poor quality but we are struggling with our internet connection. First set of photos from ian Corless due very shortly.


Saturday 25th Jan - 18:21

Slowly getting busier at the Event Centre with more of the Elite and A competitors arriving for the earlier starts. First off at 19:00 is Joe Faulkner and Sharon McDonald with the other Elite competitors setting off at 7 minute intervals thereafter. The Long Score competitors, Marcus McEwan and Gavin Souter start at 20:00.



Saturday 25th Jan - 1718

Registration is open and the first competitors have arrived and are being kit checked. Heard the dissapointing news that top elite team Chris Near and Tim Higginbottom will miss the event due to illness.