2014 Course Details

25th Jan 2014 @ 22:00

Below is summary of the 2014 Marmot Dark Mountains™ courses. All the courses start and finish in Glossop and utilise various public footpaths to access Bleaklow. The Elite (starting from 1900) and A Courses (starting from 2000) head anti clockwise through the event area, racing first down towards Kinder Scout before tackling the Bleaklow at the end. Alternatively the B (starting from 2100) and the C Courses (starting from 2200) both loop through Bleaklow first before completing a clockwise loop of Kinder. The Short Score (starting from 2130) and Long Score (starting from 2000) Courses can go in whichever direction they like with we plethora of controls in all directions.

Above: Example of the Score Course map.


There is a marshalled support point that all the linear courses will visit on the A57 and we will try updating the website with news of which teams have checked in here through the night. Additionally, we will try to keep the news section up to date with teams as they finish (or retire).

We have worked closely with the major landowners and authorities (such as Natural England, the National Trust and the National Park) when planning these courses and you will see large areas of the map are out of bounds for the competitors, which are mostly to protect the fragile peat bog restoration projects and water vole habitats.

ELITE Course

Distance 55.5km / Height Gain 2,635m


A Course

Distance 44.4km / Height Gain 1,940m


B Course

Distance 41.1km / Height Gain 1,785m


C Course

Distance 36.3km / Height Gain 1,547m


Score Courses

Long Score = 10 hours & Short Score = 8 hours