Marmot Dark Mountains 2014 – Final Event Information

14th Jan 2014

All photos © Ben Winston


Dear Competitors,

Please read this final event information.

Registration / Photo ID

You will each need a photo ID to register. The person at registration, the photo ID and the online entry must all match. Even if you think someone at registration will know you, you still require photo ID. We are happy to accept a photocopy of your photo ID as long as the photocopy is sufficiently high quality that the photograph is clear, and that someone who doesn't know you, can identify you from it.

I realise that asking competitors for ID is unusual but there has been a shift in the insurance markets perception of risk since the tragic death of Brian Belfield in the 2012 Buttermere Sailbeck race. Our insurance company has added various endorsements to the policy that we must abide by for the policy to be valid. Whilst the insurance company has not specifically asked us to ID competitors, we feel that the most significant factor in keeping competitors safe at the event is their own personal experience. As such, competitors are vetted before they can enter but previously there was no control mechanism should person A be vetted and enter, but person B (with less experience) turned up in their place. Whilst asking for ID will not prevent a determined fraud, we believe that if we were ever standing in a coroner’s court justify the event and processes, that identifying competitors and relating the person standing at registration with the online entry, would be an acceptable solution.  In future, all Ourea Events races that require a minimum level of experience (like the Dragon's Back Race™) will have this system.


Start Times
Start Times are now available on the link below. It takes approximately twenty minute to walk to the start. It is a timed start, so please do not be late, as we wish to maintain a large and regular gap between each team. Late teams may have to wait until all other teams on their course have started before they can start.


Equipment / Kit Check
All teams will be kit checked at registration so please ensure you arrive with all your kit. Teams without ALL the mandatory kit (or with kit that we believe to be inadequate) will not be allowed to register. Please double check the kit list on the link below. Particular attention should be made of the 2-person Bothy Bag (aka group shelter or kisu), which is a new addition to the kit list since 2013.


Event Reports
As Marmot Dark Mountains™ 2014 unfolds we’ll do our best to keep the website updated late into the evening and early in the morning with news of competitors finishing and retiring.

Event Centre
The Event Centre at Glossop Leisure Centre will be manned throughout the event and competitors may leave bags and personal belongs here. We anticipate that items will be safe here, as we have sole use of the building but we cannot guarantee this and all items are left at your own risk. Free hot drinks will be available at the Event Centre throughout the event. Blank maps will also be displayed at the Event Centre. The location of the Event Centre is here:

Competitor Car Parking
The two public car parks indicated in the link below are free from 1800 on Saturday evening and all day Sunday. Some of the earlier starting Elite teams may need to pay for an hours parking, which costs £0.60.

RISK #1 - Driving Tired
The number one risk to competitors at Marmot Dark Mountains™ will be driving home after the event. This is almost certainly the most dangerous activity you will do all weekend. Please take advantage of the sleeping areas and have a few hours sleep before travelling home. There is an excellent information leaflet here:


RISK #2 – Hypothermia
The next big risk to competitors is hypothermia especially if the weather is poor. Once you start the race, it is your responsibility to look after yourself and your teammate. Please have a read of the excellent new FRA leaflet about hypothermia here:


No Loose Control Descriptions
Contrary to what was previous mentioned on the event website there will be no loose control descriptions. Control descriptions will be printed on the map only.

If you have any questions about the night navigation please check out the latest video, which shows what the controls will look like and the thoughts of the planning team: