Vote and Win! Silva Runner Competition.

27th Nov 2013


Vote for your favourite Facebook advert from the last few months for your chance to win one of two Silva Runner headlamps.

Above: The Silva Runner

The Silva Runner is an extremely lightweight and compact headlamp with great light output for the advanced runner or skier. The lamp unit is in aluminum for optimal cooling. Two high power LEDs provide you with Silva Intelligent Light – light where you need it. An external rechargeable battery pack that can be attached to the extra wide headband or to a belt or placed in the pocket of your running jacket or rucksack, ensures you have enough power for your evening or early morning exercise. Runner has a large on/off button that is easy to operate even when wearing gloves. RRP £159.99.

Simply vote for your favourite advert using the form below and we will collate all the results and draw TWO lucky winners from all the entries at midday on friday 20-12-2013... in time for the last christmas post!

MDM-FB-Advert MDM-FB-Advert2
1 2
MDM-FB-Advert4 MDM-FB-Advert5
3 4
MDM-FB-Advert6 MDM-FB-Advert7
5 6
MDM-FB-Advert8 MDM-FB-Advert9
7 8
MDM-FB-Advert10 MDM-FB-Advert11
9 10
MDM-FB-Advert12 MDM-FB-Advert13
11 12
MDM-FB-Advert14 MDM-Half-Moon-Advert15
13 14
Suji-FB-Advert14 HypothermiaWarningFBAd
15 16
MDM-Facebook-Ad-Night-Qoute-1 MDM-Facebook-Ad-Night-Qoute-2
17 18
MDM-Facebook-Ad-Night-Qoute-3 MDM-Facebook-Ad-Night-Qoute-4
19 20