Bad Weather Courses Authorised - Day Two Control Placing Film

25th Jan 2013

With the very poor weather and conditions – as you will see from the video below - and no promise of any meaningful change in the weather forecast, we have decided to authorise the bad weather courses. This means that 2-3 controls will be dropped from each linear course, resulting in less overall distance and height gain. The score course will be reduced to a maximum time of 7 hours and the area being used has been reduced.

This decision has been made because of a combination of factors:

  • Deep snow making going very slow in certain areas.
  • Strong wind with very strong guests.
  • Persistent snow, sleet or rainfall (depending on height).
  • The combination of these factors resulting in significant wind-chill at all times.
  • Poor visibility meaning there is a much greater risk of competitors standing around whilst searching for checkpoints.

Despite these changes competitors should still come prepared for a very serious and committing night on the fells. If the weather forecast deteriorates further, additional checkpoints will be removed to further shorten the courses.

Driving snow and blizzard conditions on the tops today reminded the team placing controls that they all should have had their ski goggles! Competitors are strongly advised to bring a pair.

Above: Frozen waterfall, stream and heavy snow on the fells.


Above: Bleak weather conditions on the fells


Above: Poor visibility on the fells