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Customer Feedback


My first night Mountain Marathon (2016).
Great event all, and superb organisation.
Will we be back- you bet we will!

Robert K

Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you for a cracking event. So well organised and all staff/helpers were so helpful and chatty. Really impressed with the event as a whole.
Nikki K

It was Amazing!! Organisation was second to none, marshals and control team are the friendliest and most helpful ground of people on the running/ adventure events scene. Route planning had me whooping on more times than I can remember and the ability for friends and family to dot watch is a total winner. The only thing stopping me from saying its my favourite MM is that M24 is so amazing too. Thank you so much to all involved!
Chris B-H

Belting event guys, huge thanks to everyone concerned. Volunteers were especially ace.
Damian H

Thank you all for your hard work in putting on such an excellent event this weekend. Once again, it was really fun and friendly, and a fantastic challenge. Thank you too for ordering up the perfect blend of relatively good weather with some challenging conditions thrown in at times!
Jane E

Thanks for a great event this weekend, it was well worth the trip down from Tromsø to do it.  The maps were excellent, and the score course control site locations were also very good; there were plenty of route options, which as a usual score competitor, I really appreciate.  
Neil O’G

First of all I would like to say how much I enjoyed this event and I am in awe about the amount of time and effort it must take to put on an event like this. The snow, strong wind, river crossings and darkness made this a challenging but exhilarating event… …Thanks again for a great weekend. I hope to be there in 2017.
Firstly, thanks to you and the team for a great event. We ran the inaugural race in 2013 (I describe those 7 hours as being the most aware I've ever been of my own mortality) but due a combination of the mental scars (!) and a clash with Burn's Night, we only returned this year.

A few comments/reflections....

* Fabulous map. I recall the issues with 2013 - difficult to read contours and laminate that came away from the map. As orienteers and regular mountain marathoners, we both thought this year's map was as good as any we've used...and we thought that before, during and after the race

* You've obviously put a lot of thought into safety and in ensuring that, should anything go wrong, you've done everything you sensibly can (2 SOS points on course, everyone has GPS tracking with emergency button, photo ID, thorough kit list and check, etc.) - great you're doing this before something goes wrong (which will inevitably happen at some point). I think you've struck a good balance between robust organisational risk management and competitors taking personal responsibility

* Love the GPS tracking…

…All being well we'll join you for the Marmot 24 in the summer.

Keep up the good work!


As you asked for race feedback on Dark Mountains, I thought we should send you a few thoughts. This is all intended to be constructive criticism - we really enjoyed the whole experience, and these are very much in the category of minor tweaks that could make it even better. I'll definitely be back next year, although getting Anne back out in the snow may take a little more persuading.

One thing we would really like to stress is that the volunteers were fantastic once again - they really contributed to the great atmosphere at the race, and I don't think we can praise them highly enough. Anne particularly appreciated the chap who brought her a mug of tea when she was feeling a bit zonked at the finish.


Just thought I’d respond to your request for feedback from competitors. I thought the whole thing was excellent, with the exception of the final horrible climb on C course! Well organised; friendly and relentlessly cheerful staff; felt adventurous without being silly. The course planning on C was perfect - navigation was not too difficult but certainly not too easy, and the distance / ascent were just right. A great mix of easier paths and cross-country heather-bashing. The maps were good. The use of the trackers is great post-event for comparing your route to other people. Registration was quick and easy...

...Hope that helps; please do take it as a compliment that I haven’t got anything substantive to complain about! See you at GL3D.


Thanks for putting on an excellent event. Being our first MDM, we didn't quite know what to expect. It turned out to be, one of the toughest but most satisfying races that either of us had done and that was just the C-course.

The whole team are a credit to you. Not just for the professional and efficient job they do, but for the; smiles, friendly greetings and words of encouragement. They really make the difference. 

I tried to thank as many of the team in person, as I could, but please pass on my thanks and best wishes to anyone that I missed

All the very best
Steve B



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Thanks for putting on a great event. We enjoyed ourselves again :) maybe see you net year!I've written a blog entry...

Posted by James Pawson on Wednesday, 3 February 2016



Lingy Hut was THE place to be on Saturday night! Thanks to the awesome marshals and awesome organisation for such a great night out on the northern fells!

Posted by James Harris on Monday, 1 February 2016



We had a great night on Saturday at the Marmot Dark Mountains. An overnight Mountain Marathon is a great test of...

Posted by Swaledale Outdoors Shop - Reeth on Monday, 1 February 2016



Hilarious night last night running (more like walking....) round the northern lake district in the dark in the snow! Thanks to the Marmot Dark Mountains crew for another fun event :)

Posted by Abbi Forsyth on Sunday, 31 January 2016



Big thank you to everyone involved in the event absolutely loved it !!!! And big thanks to James Harris for pairing up...

Posted by Jason Lewis on Sunday, 31 January 2016



Spot the deliberate mistake

Posted by Simon Caldwell on Sunday, 31 January 2016



Spot the deliberate mistake

Posted by Simon Caldwell on Sunday, 31 January 2016



I'm loving the dot watching. Peoples choice of route fascinates me. Almost as good as being there

Posted by Kim Potter on Saturday, 30 January 2016



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"Marmot Dark Mountains was everything I expected. Physically hard, tricky nav, challenging weather and something all MMer's should do #hardcore."
Tim Martland

"Back after a fantastic race last night. Thank you again. Best MM I've done. Thanks again, super work."
Andy Thompson

"Thanks Shane Ohly & the Dark Mountains crew for staying awake through the night and looking after us! Big thanks also to my running partner Darren Baker for his spot on navigation! The Howgills are something else!"
Josie Greenhalgh‎

"Just a message to say thank you to all of the organisers and volunteers who helped put on the event this weekend. My partner and I have done over a dozen mountain marathons between us and we both thought that this was one of the best organised events we have ever done. In particular we thought the planning of the C course was brilliant. All it needs now is a car sticker and the event will be perfect! Well done to all involved and see you next year."
Greg Weatherhead

"The Marmot Dark Mountains event was absolutely superb and we enjoyed it immensely.  Thanks to you and the hard work of all the volunteers, we had a great time out in the hills.  
The short score course we encountered was really challenging, which made it even more engaging and a worthwhile exploration into our capabilities on the hill. I look forward to doing it next year though perhaps I will apply to be a volunteer to help ensure more and more people experience the event".

Darryl Watton

"Hi Shane, Charlie & co, Big, big thank you from Adrian & me for organising another fantastic event".
Ellie Salisbury

"Hats off to the tip top organisation and course planning - we were careful to unfold the map a quarter at a time, so as not to see the whole route - but we did curse you ;)".
Alex Pilkington

"Thanks for a great event Shane and all the volunteers who turned out at the weekend. It was a great venue and we had a superb night out on the fells. The organisation was seamless. We really appreciated the waterproof, highly visible map - easy to fold and carry and to read in the beam of a headtorch. And thanks for the portait photos, that is a really nice touch. See you next year hopefully for my 4th MDM!"
Graham Hey

"Just heading home from marshalling at my first ‪#‎MarmotDarkMountains‬, it was an epic night out there for both runnners and marshalls surviving out in the wild but we love it that's why we do it. Well done Kim Collison and Adam Perry on your absolutely blistering elite win...8 an a half if , well chuffed.....I only just got out of the tent in time to yell your name and well done as you zoomed past. Well done Shane Ohly +others for a brilliantly organised event. Now time to sort kit, maybe a nap and some good food out with good friends. Adam Perry Kim Collison forgetting his heroics, nails ! Great event, marshals and all the support crew. Well done Shane Ohly"
Rachel Platt

"Well that was a fun night in the Howgills... Got a call from Tim Higginbottom on Wednesday - 'fancy a night out in the hill's?'Now back home and on 2nd breakfast. My feet stayed nice warm which was good and the weather was kind for us too. Not quite sure were we finished, but it took less time than expected, taking us 9.40hr, Kim and Adam did blast past us and finished and hour ahead - well earned winners of the biggest trophy in the history of Mountain Marathons! Thanks to Shane Ohly for organising this night of madness - he has done a great job with a great team of time to put the feet up for chill out Sunday!"
Alex Pilkington

"Many thanks to yourself and Charlie and to the rest of the team for a brilliant mountain marathon. Great course and perfectly organised and superb post race breakfast. What more could you want - excellent!!!?"
Ali and Laurie Parmenter ​

"Thanks again for a great event, hope you get to have some rest now until the next one!"
Tim Higginbottom

"Obviously the weather overnight in January can be really tough, but that is the beauty of the event, it is a real test of mountain ability and navigation. Thanks to Shane, Charlie and the team of volunteers for putting on a great event."
Steve Birkinshaw

"What a great event you and your team organised at the weekend - thanks once again. I don't race much now-a- days (tho' my wife might disagree) and pick and choose my events to fit in with the kids and to suit my diminishing speed and enjoyment of navigational challenges. I've been competing in MM's since 1983; but it's your event that fills me with a bizarre mix of nervous anticipation and trepidation and it's one I will return to for as long as I can."
Andy Bell 

"First time on the Marmot Dark Mountains; a great challenging and exciting event I will definitely return. The adventure of navigating and running at night in the wilderness of the Howgills was unforgettable and it made the last control in daylight seem quite pedestrian in comparison to the rest of the night! The controls themselves were challenging but not frustrating (on the C course) as the placement gave us some tough decisions to make, but the reflective design was very useful and greatly helped in gaining the last 100 meters or so. Thanks to you and all the volunteers for your efforts to plan and execute a great event."
James Parratt 

"Fantastic event Shane Ohly and team. Really going above and beyond the call of duty to allow us to go out to play. Great race planning Charles Sproson - I never want to see another reentrant and thoroughly glad there wasn't a few feet of snow down some of the final ones! I plan to arrive fully fit next year as I will certainly be back... Is it wrong to say the best bit was the fantastic hot showers at the end? :)"
Chris Baynham-Hughes

"Just a quick message to thank you and the team for another great event. We thoroughly enjoyed mostly walking round the Howgills, the weather again being kind. After getting back an hour late last year we were a bit cautious with our timings and should have gone south after 229 to pick up a few controls around The Calf to use the 1.5 hours we had left at the end. There’s always next year…."
David Wilson

"Time is passing and if I don't contact you now, I'll never get around to it ! I've done over 90 MMs over the years, starting in 1978 with the KIMM in Peebles. I've won classes in a lot of them, retired in some, been injured in some. Planned 6 KIMM/OMMs. 2 LAMMs and done the land access stuff for four or five OMMs. I've been around awhile, but now bits are starting to drop off. However, I'm in a good position to criticise events. Marmot Dark Mountains - What's to criticise? A great event. Real rigour given to the vetting of people but particularly kit - you need to, as its a serious undertaking having competitors out in the winter at night. Bravo for having the courage to make the concept happen. Thanks for your efforts and for those of the other guys/girls. A great event. I hope it grows - but with the right people. Great effort. Thanks again." 
Andy Creber 

"Hopefully you're all recovered from Dark Mountains, not sure I am! It was a great event, and really nice to be on the competitor end of things for a change. As for feedback for the event. It's difficult to do as it came across as a virtually faultless day. In particular the pre-event info was great allowing competitors to make informed decisions."
Alex Kemp